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How Can Our Risk Management System Help You?

That's right! In less than 15 seconds a Facility Director can readily identify common problems with patient medications through MyBestMed® portal and communicate actions to improve patient outcomes.

Coast-to-Coast Partners

The Pro-GeneX Adverse Drug Event risk reduction program is active in more than 300 facilities nationwide.

​“To us, pharmacogenetics is a beautiful intersection of technology, science and healthcare all coming together,” says McGee, reflecting on one resident who was taking 10 different medications. “She was mostly in a general state of unhappiness – depressed, angry, irritable and aggressive. We had Pro-GeneX administer the cheek swab and in turn, we were able to prescribe better prescriptions to work with her DNA, less prescriptions and lower doses. Now the resident is all smiles, she has progressed immensely.”

“If this program were to have this kind of effect on just one resident per facility, it’s worth the extra work,” McGee adds. “Her quality of life improved in every way. When we find something like this that vastly improves the lives of our residents, there’s a huge trickle-down effect of fewer medications, cost savings, better surveys, better quality of life and better outcomes.

- Tyler McGee, Sterling Healthcare

Targeted Approach

We believe in risk management. Properly targeted testing of high-risk residents provides maximum benefits when test data is coupled with the MyBestMed® genetic panel. The chronic care segment of resident populations is typically the largest user of medications. Improvement in patient response to medications and removal of those that don't work impacts the cost of care and improves resident experience and satisfaction. Expensive medications increase your average daily expense. Targeting the more expensive drugs and the cost of an appropriate lower dose or potential alternate therapies can help your bottom line.

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