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"As President and CEO of RXVIP Enterprises, a company of pharmacists who consult patients at the point of care in the doctor's office. I had a need to qualify and select large groups of patients for pharmacogenetic testing (PGx). Basically, I needed a way to conduct risk assessments on large patient populations. We also needed a platform to allow PGx results to reside as a living document. Pro-GeneX met and exceeded all of our needs. I'm proud to be working with a leader in the risk assessment field!"

- Dr Jason Cavolina, BS, PharmD, MS

One size does not fit all!

Over 2 MILLION people are hospitalized and 100 thousand people die in the U.S. each year from preventable adverse reactions to prescription medications.

Your Genetics: Where Personalized Care Begins


It takes 5 seconds for patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers to identify medication incompatibility through our MyBestMed portal.

The Complexity of Healthcare

While health symptoms, conditions, physicians and medications change, genomes remain the same. Our MyBestMed portal helps establish personalized care.

Prescription Expense

The cost of an adverse drug reaction is a heavy price to pay. We believe in helping doctors to find the right drug, and the right dose the first time.

Broadest Gene Panel

Interpretation of a person's unique genetics through the broadest gene panel manifests the best outcome.

Actionable Results

Results from a patient’s genetics are determined and monitored by the MyBestMed portal. This facilitates communication within the healthcare team focused on improving outcomes.

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