Health Systems

Safer Medication

Prioritizing Patient Safety

Patient safety is a critical element of value-based care. Health Systems aim to improve safety by improving upon care delivery and a careful adoption of industry-leading software solutions for optimal patient satisfaction.

Focus on Complex Cases

Health Systems financial success depends on improved care delivery for high-risk Medicare beneficiaries. This 12 million segment of patients account for 25% of Medicare population, but account for 85% of Medicare spending. One major safety risk is this population regularly uses more than 5 medications.

Medication Threats

Improperly managing medications is a threat to health systems.
  • Adverse drug-related problems account for 30% of hospitalization cases.
  • Polypharmacy increases the risk of adverse drug events, low adherence and can lowers treatment effectiveness.
  • The Pro-GeneX Solution

    To get practicable evaluations of high-risk medications as well as problems stemming from polypharmacy, Health Systems need real-time actionable data on their patient population. The aim of the MyBestMed® platform (portal) is to provide a summary of patient risks at a glance. ProGeneX Laboratories provides MyBestMed® clinical panel, one of the most comprehensive gene panels around.

    "Pro-GeneX helped us improve quality of care and reduce costs at the same time."

    - Tyler McGee, Sterling Health

    Reducing Readmissions

    Patient experience and readmissions are tied directly to medication drug trial-and-error prescribing methodology. Symptoms, complaints and interpreting the true nature of a patient's condition is complicated when time and resources are stretched. Fortunately, people's one-of-a-kind DNA communicates the way a body metabolizes medications decreasing the time necessary to become therapeutic while reducing the overall occurrences of Adverse Drug Events (ADE). Both are critical in reducing the time spent in the hospital and lowering readmission rates, thereby improving the bottom line.

    The Pro-GeneX Difference

    • Actionable insights across your entire patient population
    • Automatic critical alerts to prevent adverse events
    • Workflows designed for clinical professionals
    • Personalized prescribing for better outcomes

    Cost Saving Opportunities

    The MyBestMed® portal from Pro-GeneX enables healthcare providers to reduce their patients' visits to the hospital and emergency rooms over drug-related complications. With our personalized medication Risk Management safety reports, Pro-GeneX allows physicians to track drug utilization, which leads to lower prescription and reduced medication costs. For more information, please contact

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