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How our Risk Management System Helps You

The biggest problem with PGx testing is the report itself. Nobody has time to read and interpret 15-20 pages of data. Pro-GeneX solved that problem with the RxGeneAlert™ system. Today, a physician can understand and react to this information in 5 seconds with viable prescribing alternatives. Pro-GeneX's broadest gene panel coupled with real-time risk management platform RXGeneAlert™, contribute to the right drug, right dose, the first time.

"Pro-GeneX helped us improve quality of care and reduce costs at the same time."

- Tyler McGee, Sterling Health

Reducing Readmissions

Patient experience and readmissions are tied directly to medication drug trial and error methodology. Symptoms, complaints and interpreting the true nature of a patient's condition is complicated when time and resources are stretched. Fortunately, people's one-of-a-kind DNA communicates the way a body metabolizes medications decreasing the time necessary to become therapeutic while reducing the overall occurrences of Adverse Drug Events (ADE). Both are critical in reducing the time spent in the hospital and lowering readmission rates, thereby improving the bottom line.

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