Our approach to the testing business is that we’re not a pharmacogenomics company, we’re a risk management company that uses a variety of tools to solve problems.
During the past decade, the field of pharmacogenomics/pharmacogenetics (PGx) has grown exponentially due to advances in science and clinical experience. This growth has heightened interest in integrating these discoveries into clinical practice and automated decision-making systems. The potential for pharmacogenetics to facilitate effective pharmacotherapy continues to be documented.

Enter Pro-GeneX

The Pro-GeneX platform was initially tested with over 200 PharMerica healthcare client facilities. Adoption was addressed and accelerated. Utilization of the Pro-GeneX solution was soon adopted by primary caregivers (physicians, pharmacists, nursing). This adoption centered on the marriage of cutting edge PGx testing results, data processing methods, and an insightful care provider information portal. Improved billing metrics proved integral to the decision making process by the full care-team.

Pro-GeneX offers clients the opportunity for improved outcomes through polypharmacy reduction and personalized medicine linked to a patient’s DNA. This results in reduction of adverse drug events and overall patient drug costs, and higher-quality metrics for healthcare providers.

Benefits for physicians, pharmacists, patients and health care organizations

- Improved patient interest and clarity into the prescribed plan of care based on science from their own DNA rather than other manners of improving their health.

- An easily scaled model applicable to health systems, long term care, physicians and direct to the consumer markets creating competitive advantage and client "stickiness" for our partners.

- A rigorously tested business model and platform.

- Experienced PGx testing methodologies.

- A scalable data platform that today captures real-time pharmacy data on over 30,000 patients per month.

- A workflow solution that is simple and benefits primary care givers and the entire team that supports improved outcomes.

Our team is made of working healthcare professionals dedicated to our mission of facilitating communication between individuals and their healthcare providers, educating people about what care is best for them, and empowering them to take control of their medicinal needs.

Pro-Genex has transitioned the PGx industry from 125 content-based reports to context-based care strategies utilizing Pharmacogenetics testing results. We have answered the "what do I do with this information" question for care providers. Our data platform, RXGeneAlert™ risk management system, allows providers to quickly identify problems and efficiently make changes in care plans for optimum medication. The portal also allows for facility-wide aggregation of data to assist in the development of overarching strategies to minimize risks associated with adverse drug events, falls, and unplanned hospitalizations. In less than 5 seconds, our platform (RXGeneAlert™ risk management system) provides patient-specific medication risk data which offers actionable insights on the entire patient population.

Enter Pro-GeneX Clinical Services

You may have heard how genetic testing patients can reduce ADEs and how a platform or 125-page report can tell you which patient could be in danger. This sounds great, but who has the time or the extra brain capacity for combing through all those genetic reports? Who is going to update these reports?

The Pro-GeneX Clinical Services team drives the process in the background using the RXGeneAlert™ risk management system. Our clinical team’s risk thousands of hours collaborating with Physicians, Directors of Nursing, Pharmacists, and administration facilitate communication on medication insights in order to support patient experience and actionable paths to improve outcomes.

Think of our team as your new genetics medication risk management department without adding an FTE. Our review is real-time 24/7. If we see a critical alert, we communicate and document the medication issue. Our monthly routine identifies drug interactions and selects patients with similar issues. We are very interested in being part of your meetings to address medication issues. Receiving insights and data from staff such as pain complaints, falls etc. is critical in identifying areas to focus efforts. When we look at interactions together including consulting pharmacists, we solve problems for better outcomes.

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