Ed Mercadante

My name is Ed Mercadante and I am the Chief Executive Officer of MediTelecare, a leading behavioral telehealth company currently servicing over 250 skilled nursing facilities across 15 states and over 20,000 patients via a secure telehealth connection. We have found a value in pharmacogenetic testing, especially in the behavioral health and long-term care setting. Thus far, we have rolled out pharmacogenetic testing in some of our New Hampshire skilled nursing facility clients through a partnership with Pro-GeneX. We have been able to successfully reduce medication over use with regard to antipsychotic drugs as well as other psychotropic medication use in these facilities. Being able to reduce psychotropic medications that can lead to adverse effects such as unnecessary trips to the ER/hospital or falls is paramount to our clinical services.

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Dr. Bradley L. Ward, MD

For example, some of the other genetic testing companies I’ve seen reports from, they would give you the chemistry of it, Ward said. But, most physicians are not trained in genetics, so they don’t know what to do with the report. With Pro-GeneX’s program, he said the reports are more user-friendly and simple from a formatting standpoint.

Dr Jason Cavolina, BS, PharmD, MS

As President and CEO of RXVIP Enterprises, a company of pharmacists who consult patients at the point of care in the doctor's office. I had a need to qualify and select large groups of patients for pharmacogenetic testing (PGx). Basically, I needed a way to conduct risk assessments on large patient populations. We also needed a platform to allow PGx results to reside as a living document. Pro-GeneX met and exceeded all of our needs. I'm proud to be working with a leader in the risk assessment field!

Tyler McGee

"To us, pharmacogenetics is a beautiful intersection of technology, science and healthcare all coming together,” says McGee, reflecting on one resident who was taking 10 different medications. “She was mostly in a general state of unhappiness – depressed, angry, irritable and aggressive. We had Pro-GeneX administer the cheek swab and in turn, we were able to prescribe better prescriptions to work with her DNA, less prescriptions and lower doses. Now the resident is all smiles, she has progressed immensely.”

"If this program were to have this kind of effect on just one resident per facility, it’s worth the extra work,” McGee adds. “Her quality of life improved in every way. When we find something like this that vastly improves the lives of our residents, there’s a huge trickle-down effect of fewer medications, cost savings, better surveys, better quality of life and better outcomes."