Better health with help from your genes

Are your medications working? Tired of trial-and-error prescribing? Genomics is the starting point to improve care!

Genes tell the story on how fast your body metabolizes medications. Fast isn't always good and neither is slow for different people.

    • With so many medication choices, it is hard to know which medication is best suited for you.


    • Words can't always express how medications are working for different ages and health circumstances. DNA data today, is tomorrow's health.


    • Knowing what your genes say about medication risk can help you and your physician be proactive with your prescriptions.


Your genetic test today is the beginning.

Born with your unique genetics, it's time to begin your journey to guide your medication choices for the right drug, right drug the first time. We might not know much about ear wax or if your family is from another part of the world, but we can tell you what medications work, are ineffective or which ones cause adverse drug events.

No more trial-and-error prescribing

The uncertainty of medications goes away by using your genes. RXGeneAlert™ risk management system provides real-time medication insights so you and your physician can discuss the best options for your health.


We simplify the complexities of medications, medication warnings or multiple physicians by identifying medication issues in real-time.

Results for your next step

Clinical results are best shared with your Physician to guide your approach to medications. You also have the option to share your results with family members.

With Pro-GeneX, the beginning of precision health is with you!


Analyzing over 100 genes associated with medication response is important. Communicating medication insights in real-time provides your physician the right drug, right dose the first time.


The RXGeneAlert™ risk management system on your smart phone or desktop provides real-time information for current and new prescriptions.

Healthcare Collaboration

When healthcare professionals are on the same page with drug Interactions, your physician including consulting pharmacists solve problems for better outcomes. The RXGeneAlert™ system helps solve problems and keep your healthcare professionals aligned on your prescripts.

What You Get

Reliable MyBestMed™ genetic test from the broadest gene panel at the lowest cost.

A physician or pharmacist personal call to review your results.

Genetic results are available in about 10 days.

The RXGeneAlert™ risk management system on your smart phone or on-line provides medication insights and real-time drug interaction alerts. Drug gene interactions, stay current.

"As President and CEO of RXVIP Enterprises, a company of pharmacists who consult patients at the point of care in the doctor's office. I had a need to qualify and select large groups of patients for pharmacogenetic testing (PGx). Basically, I needed a way to conduct risk assessments on large patient populations. We also needed a platform to allow PGx results to reside as a living document. Pro-GeneX met and exceeded all of our needs. I'm proud to be working with a leader in the risk assessment field!"

- Dr Jason Cavolina, BS, PharmD, MS

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