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why use a MyBestMed test kit?

The MyBestMed Pharmacogenomic (PGx) test kit uses a cheek swab sample to analyze your genes in order to generate the MyBestMed panel that determines your body’s response to drugs, helping to identify the extent to which a drug is absorbed or metabolized by the body, how well it gets where it’s needed, and how quickly it is broken down. By understanding how your genetics impact medication efficacy you can avoid the worrisome trial and error process that often comes when a new medication is prescribed and better understand how your current medications are working for you.

Not currently on any medications? That’s fine, the test is still beneficial since your genetics do not change and the results of a test taken now can be used by healthcare professionals in the future to ensure the medications prescribed will work safely and effectively for you.

what will my results include?

your MyBestMed clinical panel

Once your swab sample has been processed by next-generation gene sequencers at a state-of-the-art pharmacogenetics laboratory you and your doctor will be able to review a genetic report that shows how your body responds to medications, including the rate at which your body metabolizes certain medications.

portal access

Stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding your medications and access to your results when you register for the portal after completing the consultation call with a licensed pharmacy professional to review your test results.