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Our Context-Driven Approach

Dealing with patient files, lab results, symptoms, tolerances to pain and calls with the pharmacy, multiple physicians and patients who don't follow instructions.

Where is the relief?

A conversation with Brad L. Ward, MD.

“For example, some of the other genetic testing companies I’ve seen reports from, they would give you the chemistry of it,” Ward said. “But, most physicians are not trained in genetics, so they don’t know what to do with the report.” With Pro-GeneX’s program, he said the reports are more user-friendly and simple from a formatting standpoint. -Brad L. Ward, MD

Historically Ward said physicians have put patients on a particular medication and hoped for the best. If it didn’t work, they would increase the dosage, take them off or choose an alternative medication in the same chemical class. “Well now with Pro-GeneX, we now have information so we don’t have to do trial-and-error,” he said. “We go straight to the appropriate medication. That’s the big advantage.”

“We were told that one day there will be personalized medicine, and were promised for 20 years now,” he said. “We’re now realizing this is real and very helpful.”

For Physicians

Pharmacogenetics is the science of drug interaction influenced by an individual's genetic makeup and provides a vital piece of information to aid the physician when selecting a patient's medication and initial dosage. This preempts the trial-and-error prescribing approach and helps eliminate adverse drug reactions or lack of therapeutic effect under standard therapy conditions. Testing has demonstrated to improve patient compliance while providing science supporting a physicians plan of care.

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