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Why Genomic Testing?

Pharmacogenetics is the science of drug interaction influenced by an individual's genetic makeup and can provide a vital piece of information to aid the physician when selecting a patient's medication and initial dosage.  This preempts the trial and error approach and helps eliminate adverse drug reactions or lack of therapeutic effect under standard therapy conditions. This is a paradigm shift from reactive testing to preemptive testing that has been demonstrated to be effective in multiple deployments and studies


The real game-changer is that our report is dynamic. That means that unlike other medical reports, it can change over time. Because we have linked our systems in real-time to the most reputable data  sources on drug/gene interactions, our report language can change as the body of knowledge grows in the field of pharmacogenetics. As the world learns, your patients benefit!


Learn about our Context-Driven Approach

We answer the "How do I use this?" Question

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Context is delivered when genetic results are quickly related to common problems as well as those that are specific to the patient. Preemptive testing prepares caregivers with the necessary information to make good prescribing decisions in advance.


  • Reduce Fall Risks
  • Reduce ADE for Opioids
  • Antidepressant Therapy
  • Excess Sedation
  • Polypharmacy

Our dynamic report data is what sets us apart from everyone else in the industry. Typical test reports in healthcare are static documents and can't change. Because of realtime connections to both pharmacy and clinical data, the language of the report changes over time as medications change and the overall body of knowledge increases relative to individual drug/gene interactions.


Normal metabolizers, also referred to as "Extensive metabolizers" metabolize medications normally  and typically are prescribed according to guidelines intended by the drug's manufacturer and attending physician


Effects of polymorphisms on drug effacacy



Drugs can be broken down too quickly or improperly, requiring a higher dosage or change in medication in many cases.

Drugs are not metabolized fast enough resulting in either too little or too much of the drug in the body.

Drugs, supplements and some foods will reduce or increase the effectiveness of the medication.