Dispensing and manage more accurate medications

How can MyBestMed® help you?

Pharmacists need tools to quickly help make the best recommendations for their customers, while responsibilities seem to grow at a compounding rate. Providing pharmacists with tools to make the best recommendations for their patients. The MyBestMed® portal quickly guides pharmacists to the biggest risks and provides options for treatment alternatives without the hassle of sorting through pages of antiquated reports that need deciphering.

"The biggest problem with PGx testing is the report itself. Nobody has time to read and interpret 15-20 pages of data. Pro-GeneX solved that problem with the MyBestMed® portal. Today, a physician can understand and react to this information in 5 seconds with viable prescribing alternatives. That’s a game-changer."

- Robert G. Rupard, CEO Pro-GeneX Clinical Services

Reducing Readmissions

Customizing a patient's medication to the way their individual body metabolizes medications decreases the amount of time it takes them to become therapeutic as well as reducing the overall occurrences of Adverse Drug Events (ADE).  Both of these are critically important in reducing the time spent in the hospital and lowering readmission rates, thereby improving the bottom line.

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