Pro-GeneX is the industry leader in providing ADE Risk Management Solutions to Long Term Care, Assisted Living and the aging population.


We are the only company with automated data feeds from LTC pharmacy providers in the U.S.  This automates the process of Adverse Drug Event risk evaluation as new prescriptions are written. The reports generated are digital and capable of changing over time instead of being static in nature. As clinical knowledge grows or new medications are prescribed, the reports and alerts change to adjust to new information.


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Long Term Care

Improve survey and quality measures performance

  1. Reducing Adverse Drug Events
  2. Improving  Quality Measures and STAR ratings by reducing antipsychotic/antidepressant usage
  3. Maintaining census levels by ensuring your residents on the right drug and the right dose
  4. Finding alternatives to high cost medications
  5. Reducing overall medication expenses


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We don't believe in testing all patients.  That is a revenue-driven approach. Your high-risk residents will benefit the most from our programs. Let's start there!

Reducing Antipsychotics

Chronic Conditions

High-Cost Medications

CMS has mandated a 30% reduction in off label use of antipsychotics/antidepressants in the post-acute care environment.  The trial-and-error process of prescribing different antipsychotic medications, in search of the one that works best, often skews your QMs in the wrong direction, as each change in Rx increases the

number of occurrences.

This segment of your resident population is typically the largest user of medications.

Improvement in patient response to medications and removal of those that don't work impacts cost of care and improves resident satisfaction


Expensive medications increase your average daily expense. Targeting the more expensive drugs and the cost of an appropriate lower dose or potential alternate therapies can help your bottom line.  Pharmacogenetic testing will tell you what your options are on a case by case basis.


Effects of Polymorphisms on drug effacacy



Normal metabolizers, also referred to as "Extensive metabolizers" metabolize medications normally  and typically are prescribed according to guidelines intended by the drug's manufacturer and attending physician

Drugs can be broken down too quickly or improperly, requiring a higher dosage or change in medication in many cases.

Drugs are not metabolized fast enough resulting in either too little or too much of the drug in the body.

Drugs, supplements and some foods will reduce or increase the effectiveness of the medication.


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