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Lab Services

The Lab

The Pro-GeneX laboratory fills a large void in the pharmacogenomics industry; a LOW COST TEST. Our genetic testing is the first step to providing real-time context to caregivers who use this information to determine prescription efficacy and necessity. We electronically upload your genetic results into Pro-GeneX’s Rx-GeneAlert™ risk management system where it is ever present in a dynamic database… able to change and evolve as the scientific body of knowledge grows.

Dynamic Data is Key

Because the prescribing environment is fluid, the report language must change as new prescriptions are prescribed. Caregivers have minimal time to research and continually refer to a report in a file. Our system automates that process and pushes alerts to consulting pharmacists and EHR systems in real-time, acting as an alarm system. This first-of-its-kind system provides a significantly increased level of safety when prescribing high-risk prescriptions. New clinical data is published daily, and our system maximizes instantaneous data connections to industry standard databases for the most up-to-date Rx recommendations. Every time a report is accessed in our system, it is essentially a new report with the most recent clinical information included.

Pharmacogenetics Done the Right Way

The Pro-GeneX laboratory is staffed by highly trained, and licensed laboratory professionals. The laboratory utilizes the latest genetic testing instruments available and tests the largest pharmacogenetic panel in the industry. The laboratory works closely with medical geneticists and genetic counselors to ensure timely interpretation of laboratory results for health care professionals and their patients.

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