Ed Mercadante Review

Ed Mercadante


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Ed Mercadante and I am the Chief Executive Officer of MediTelecare, a leading behavioral telehealth company currently servicing over 250 skilled nursing facilities across 15 states and over 20,000 patients via a secure telehealth connection. We have found a value in pharmacogenetic testing, especially in the behavioral health and long-term care setting. Thus far, we have rolled out pharmacogenetic testing in
some of our New Hampshire skilled nursing facility clients through a partnership with Pro-GeneX. We have been able to successfully reduce medication over use with regard to antipsychotic drugs as well as other psychotropic medication use in these facilities. Being able to reduce psychotropic medications that can lead to adverse effects such as unnecessary trips to the ER/hospital or falls is paramount to our clinical services.

In the coming months, we plan to expand ProGene-X’s services to our 250+ skilled nursing facility clients, reaching over 20,000 patients that will be able to benefit from this service. ProGene-X offers our psychiatric providers a valuable data platform and clinical service personnel in order to support our clinical efforts in reducing patient risk due to unnecessary psychotropic medication use and unwanted adverse effects.

We believe Pro-GeneX offers a value-added model to both skilled nursing facilities as well as the residents of those facilities. Additionally, Pro-GeneX allows our team to reach better clinical outcomes for our patients and SNF clients while supporting our team with clinical support and a user-friendly data platform that can be shared with other providers taking care of the patient.

I look forward to continuing to expand this valuable service and I highly recommend Pro-GeneX’s services and team.

Best Regards,
Ed Mercadante, RPh, (Hon) DSc.
Chief Executive Officer | MediTelecare