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Our Corporate Vision


During the past decade, the field of pharmacogenomics / pharmacogenetics (PGx) has grown exponentially due to advances in science.  The growth has heightened interest in implementing these discoveries into clinical practice and decision-making systems.  There is strong documentation on the potential for pharmacogenetics to facilitate improved and more effective pharmacotherapy, however clinical implementation of this science has yet to be fully realized.


Enter Pro-GeneX.


Because of our experience, developed while working in nearly 200 PharMerica client healthcare facilities, we have been able to accelerate the adoption curve of primary care givers (physicians, pharmacists, nursing) into full utilization of the Pro-GeneX solution.  This adoption is centered around the marriage of cutting edge PGx testing results, novel data processing methods, and a thought-provoking care provider information portal. Additionally we added features that support improved provider billing metrics.  This aids in full care-team adoption.


As a business, Pro-GeneX offers its clients  the opportunity for improved outcomes through polypharmacy reduction, and personalized medicine matched to the patients DNA.  This leads to reduced adverse drug events, reduction in overall patient drug costs, and better quality metrics for healthcare providers.


Pro-Genex has transitioned the PGx industry from content-based to context-based care strategies utilizing Pharmacogenetic testing results. We have answered the "what do I do with this information" question for care providers. Our data platform allows providers to quickly identify where problems are and efficiently make changes in care plans for optimum medication therapy. The portal also allows for facility-wide  aggregation of  data to assist in the development of overarching strategies to minimize risks associated with adverse drug events, falls, and unplanned hospitalizations.


Benefits for our clients include:


• A model that is applicable to health systems, long term care, and direct to the consumer markets creating competitive advantage and client “stickiness” for our partners.

• A rigorously tested business model and platform.

• Experienced PGx testing methodologies.

• The most experienced genetics company in the US with a strength in chronic disease management.

• A scalable data platform that today captures real-time pharmacy data on 26,000 patients per month.

• A workflow solution that is simple and benefits primary care givers.


Our team is made of both physicians and representatives that work within the healthcare industry, that are all dedicated to our mission of facilitating communication between individuals and their healthcare providers, educating people about what care is best for them, and empowering them to take control of their medicinal needs.


Communication is the first and most important step in the process.  We are not simply trying to sell genetic tests, but want to first and foremost spread the knowledge that not all people metabolize medicine the same.  A Pharmacogenetic test will help anyone receive truly personalized healthcare.


Education is our second goal.  We want to raise awareness that most people may not be receiving the healthcare that is best for them, plus share knowledge of the inefficiencies involved with generalized healthcare.  When patients do not receive the prescription and care that is best for them, it affects their health, costs the individual and the system money.  It is in everyone's best interest that healthcare be custom-suited to the patient, and a Pharmacogenetic test is the first step to receiving that custom experience.


Empowerment is the final, vital step.  We  show patients their options and raise awareness of why it is important, plus provide the tools to make a positive change. We offer free test kits, and can facilitate the entire testing process. Medicare and many insurance plans include full coverage for the test, and we will do everything within our power to make sure you get the genetic report and healthcare that is right for every patient.