Safety Is First

Patient safety is first. Innovation is important, but
produces challenges.

Adopting something new, including new technology, to solve problems raises important questions. How do you use it, who is responsible and who pays for it?

The demands from various positions such as the Medical Director of Nursing, pharmacists, administration are specialized. Patient care is complex and there are only so many hours in the day.

Common Concerns Include

Patient safety
Quality metrics
Patient family relations
Staff turnover while maintaining consistency of care

Our Solution

You may have heard how genetic testing patients can reduce ADEs and how a 15-page report can tell you which patient could be in danger. This sounds great, but who has the time or the extra brain capacity for combing through all those genetic reports? Who is going to update these reports?

Enter Pro-GeneX Clinical Services. The Pro-GeneX Clinical Service team drives the process in the background using the MyBestMed® portal. Our clinical team’s experience with thousands of hours collaborating with Physicians, Directors of Nursing, Pharmacists, and administration facilitate communication on medication risks in order to support improved patient experience and actionable paths to improve outcomes.

Your Dedicated Team

Think of our team as your new genetics medication risk management department without adding an FTE. Our review is real-time 24/7. If we see a critical alert, we communicate and document the medication issue. Our monthly routine identifies drug interactions and selects patients with similar issues. We are very interested in being part of your meetings to address medication issues. Receiving insights and data from staff such as pain complaints, falls, etc. is critical in identifying areas to focus efforts. When we look at interactions together including consulting pharmacists, we solve problems for better outcomes.

"I wanted to let you know I had my consultation conf call with Kathleen Marshall for my daughter, mom and dad’s test results. I have to tell you Kathleen is fantastic! She’s so personable, friendly, caring, knowledgeable, patient, consultative, etc. I couldn’t thank her enough for the info she provided which will be a huge benefit to my family."

- Michelle C.

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